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Since 2003, Thinking Heads promotes world leaders, contributing to their positioning as a reference in the market of ideas. We were born as the first speakers’ agency in Spain, which has allowed us to cover a need spread ideas, as well as to provide interpretation and analysis of reality with criteria. To enhance and amplify the prestige, reputation and ideas of our leaders, conferences are an essential pillar, a vehicle on which to build their influence.

The dissemination of this knowledge is vital for the effective consolidation of the leadership and prestige of our leaders globally. For this reason, as a speakers’ agency, we have helped more than 5,000 global keynote speakers to contribute to the debate of ideas, managed more than 10,000 public appearances in areas such as politics, economics, innovation or business, in more than 45 countries, and made more than 25,000 event content proposals for our clients.

As a speakers’ agency, we exclusively represent 85 high-level thinkers and have an extensive portfolio of internationally renowned keynote speakers, and we coordinate their participation in national and international forums, as well as the public agenda of our clients, strengthening their global positioning as leading thinkers in their area of specialization. Through our headquarters in Miami, we have consolidated our presence in the North American market and our activity at a global level.