6 women leaders in technology and future

Technological advancements have increased the demand for experts in Digital Ethics, AI, and Cybersecurity. These six speakers are leading the conversation around the future of Technological Transformation and Disruption.

Sustainability for all, consumers too

Branding expert Andy Stalman explains how companies and brands can demonstrate their sustainability credentials and put it them the core of their value proposition.

Stories of Women Leaders

The examples of women leaders are significant, visible in all sectors and capable of inspiring the coming generations, who demand these types of role models

For a 2021 full of leaders

This year we have all rediscovered the significance of so many important things and found truly inspirational leaders.


10 essential books on Leadership

Are you looking for new Leadership ideas or recommendations from influential experts? While knowledge is power, it can be a challenge to find the right


7 qualities all leaders must have

The world’s greatest leaders often grace the front pages of the newspapers and magazines, news and television programs, as well as biographies of their lives

Finding elite leaders in sport

Team represents just one area in the field of sports in which leaders are found. The role of the sports leader in individual sports is also very important.


Finding elite leaders in sport

Leadership is a fundamental part of the sports world, especially in a team environment. Over the past 25 years, important research has explored the role


How to become a leader in business

These days, it is assumed that the majority of leader companies and organizations with a strong reputation or market share have the sufficient means to

Celebrating 15 years

We are celebrating our 15th anniversary. We started as a speaker bureau and now we are the first consultancy in leader positioning.


Celebrating 15 years

In 2003, a new speakers bureau called Thinking Heads was born. It soon became the biggest amplifier of thought leadership from subject matter experts in