Carme Artigas

Expert in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Technological Innovation. Spain Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (2020-2023).


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Specific topics

Artificial IntelligenceBig DataBlockchainCloud ComputingStartupTechnological disruptionbusiness growthfuture trends

Who is Carme Artigas?

Carme Artigas is currently the Co-Chair on the AI Advisory Board of the Office of the Secretary-General's Envoy on Technology at the United Nations. In this role, she is providing key recommendations to the United Nations on the direction for artificial intelligence, highlighting her influence and leadership in the international technology and AI domain. She is also a member of the advisory board for the Europe Startup Nations Alliance (ESNA), focused on contributing to positioning Europe at the forefront of the global startup ecosystem.

Carme is a prominent Spanish entrepreneur and executive, recognized for being the co-founder and CEO of Synergic Partners, a pioneering company in Big Data. Her leadership and innovative vision in the technology world have positioned her as a key figure in the sector, being one of the most influential women in the data business according to O'Reilly Media. Moreover, she served as the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence in Spain, promoting AI regulation at the European level.

What are her conferences like?

Carme Artigas's conferences focus on how the technological tsunami impacts businesses and society. She offers unique perspectives on big data, artificial intelligence, and technological disruption, combining technical insights with social and business implications. Her talks, delivered at both national and international forums, are a source of inspiration and learning for professionals from various areas.

What is her background?

As the founder and CEO of Synergic Partners, Artigas created and led a team of 150 data scientists, with operations in more than 15 countries. Through her company, she launched the Synergic Academy division to help develop new profiles and digital talent both within the Telefónica group and for clients. Furthermore, since 2016, she initiated the Data Science Awards Spain to recognize the best analytical talent in Spain. The company was acquired by the Telefónica group in November 2015 to accelerate the adoption of Big Data internally and expand the company internationally. Carme continued to serve as the company's CEO until the end of 2018.

Since January 2020, she has held the position of Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence in the Government of Spain. In this role, she designed and implemented Spain's Digital Agenda, particularly the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, the Modernization Plan for e-administration, the National Cybersecurity Plan, the Digitalization Plan for SMEs, the National Digital Skills Plan, the Data Economy Strategy, the Spanish Digital Rights Charter, among other responsibilities that include directing the Office of the Chief Data Officer.

Before founding Synergic Partners, Artigas was CEO of Ericsson Innova, Ericsson's first venture capital fund in Europe, and co-founder and chair of the board of WIVA (International Wireless Internet Venture Association). In this role, she held positions on the board of directors in 9 unlisted technology companies.

Selection of conferences:

"The Impact of Big Data on Business Transformation"

Carme Artigas explores how big data redefines business strategies and decision-making, with concrete examples and success stories.

"Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities"

In this conference, Carme analyzes the current and future state of AI, highlighting its potential to drive innovation and address ethical and regulatory challenges.

"Female Leadership in the Technological Era"

Carmen Artigas shares her experience as a female leader in technology, advocating for diversity and inclusion in the sector.

"Regulation of Artificial Intelligence"

Based on her experience as Secretary of State, Carme discusses efforts and challenges in creating a regulatory framework for AI in the European Union and the world.

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