We collaborate with leaders in order to position them as experts, we go further than building a personal brand


At Thinking Heads, we structure the knowledge, ideas, values and projects of our clients, closing the gaps between their values and the place they want to be in the knowledge society. We help them to align the connection between reputational values, critical for their organizations, by addressing a strategy that relates thought and positioning.


  • 1) We help our clients to structure their ideas, values, projects and know-how. We analyze what makes them unique.
  • 2) We articulate a desired personal positioning: we draw up a road map and a calendar of actions aimed at generating visibility, social influence and reputation.
  • 3) We develop platforms of influence for people and organizations to successfully position and project themselves.
  • 4) Our clients become benchmarks of outreach and thought in their different professional, business, commercial and institutional fields.
  • 5) We generate potential financial return.


  • To amplify prestige and enhance the reputation of the person, thus reinforcing their public positioning.
  • To create a virtuous circle around the leader and his or her ideas. An expert interacts with society to position him or herself in the desired place.
  • To use their ideas to help their audiences to benefit in terms of inspiration, training, reference, personal or professional development.

A benchmark is an exponent, someone who defines the scenario with their vision and thought.

Our clients contribute their expertise and talent and Thinking Heads provides them with the necessary tools of influence to enhance the dissemination of their ideas and their personal values through their vision and thought, attaining the maximum impact on society.

A company’s reputation is closely linked to the reputation of its CEO or Chairman.

We develop platforms of thought to enhance the reputation of the executive in the service of the company or institution, achieving an alignment of professional values and attributes with the corporate purpose and mission. Always depending on the interests of the audience in question, sharing thoughts about the trends and scenarios of the industry in which they operate.

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  • Former President of a Latin American country who works for migrant rights.
  • Latin journalist positioned as a benchmark in English-speaking news in the United States.
  • Retired banker who won recognition for the patients’ organization that he has founded, raising the profile of illness through his own case.
  • Businessman with connections in Brazil and the United States who is positioned globally as a leader in an investment niche.