Our literary agency makes sure you will reach your readers with your book

The book is a key piece in your personal strategic positioning, your decisive contribution to the world of ideas and a dissemination tool for your thoughts.


Publishing consultancy

Literary agency

We help you in the production of your book, from the conception of the idea to promoting it at the different points of sale.

As specialists in Leader Positioning Strategy, we at Thinking Heads work as a team with publishers to get the most out of your book and generate a greater impact on society for your ideas

  • We are the only publishing consultant and literary agent specializing in non-fiction
  • Over 50 publications in 5 years of business

Services available

  • Definition of contents, priority audiences and publishing format
  • Management of planning and phases of production of the book, including finding partners (documentalists, style editors, illustrators, etc.)
  • Editorial management or positioning the book and its author among publishers
  • Definition, coordination and implementation of book promotion campaigns

Ways to work with us

  • Consultancy for developing your book.
  • Publication of your book by finding the right solution in a complex publishing market.
  • Accompaniment in the presentation of your book together with the publisher, or premium promotion campaigns in alignment with your personal positioning.
  • Additional services: documentalists, illustrators, photographers, translators. Printing services, authorization and copyright management.

We have a platform of resources to support your promotion as an author

Once your book is written and on its way to production, we help you to identify and create other sub-products that will be useful for promoting you as a thought leader:

  • Leader positioning strategy
  • Generating new contents from the book and harnessing this on online platforms and in the media: ebooks, posting for blogs and social media, video, etc.
  • Speaker management and agents
  • Unconventional publishing projects
  • Editions for personalized distribution
  • Institutional procurement management and promotion campaigns

“The idea of writing a book had never occurred to me. But the writing process increasingly seduced me. Once the text was delivered to the publisher, I felt terribly embarrassed, which I can’t get over when somebody who has read it comes up to me or asks me to autograph it. I hope it never falls in the hands of the authors that I admire”.

Toni Nadal
Rafael Nadal’s coach and trainer,
Author of “Todo se puede entrenar” (Editorial Alienta)

“Publishing a book, for me at least, doesn’t put an end to your questions, but rather poses many more. Publishing a book is, in many ways, a way of learning and evolving. Books are never end points, they always represent a “to be continued” in the biography of an author”.

Jesús Alcoba, Director of the La Salle Business School
Author of “La brújula de Shakleton” and Ultraconciencia” (Alianza Editorial)

For me, writing “El eco de los disparos” was the starting point in understanding and placing myself in a story that has left a profound mark on me, the story of the Basque “conflict”. Publishing this essay meant I was able to get my view of this story across to a broad public and achieve one of the objectives of the book: generate debate.

Edurne Portela
Essayist and novelist