Conferences are still one of the most efficient ways to get your message across to the public. According to the data from 2016, conferences in the United States move 2,000 million dollars a year. Although it may seem simple, identifying, contacting, confirming the details and hiring a speaker or expert for an event can be an arduous and sometimes impossible task. Therefore, collaborating with a Speaker Agency is without a doubt the best option.

Finding experienced but innovative Speakers

Not all speakers are valid for all events and having a high-profile speaker at your event is not always synonymous with success. Finding a great speaker to give a speech is a complex task and much of the satisfaction of the audience depends on the main speech and the expert that delivers it. When it comes, for example, to a corporate client, the speaker must embody and transmit the company’s corporate values ​​and to do so, he must identify with a large proportion of the audience and feel comfortable with them.

Speaker agencies work together with experts and different types of audiences and apply this experience in recommending to the client the best speaker to meet the objectives of the event. On many occasions, the proposal will include a number of speakers that the company had not initially considered for their event.

In addition to this; identifying the perfect speaker is one of the main added values of collaborating with a speaker agency and it also gives you access to an extensive range of speakers from around the world, from the most reputable experts to those who are not so well-known but have much to contribute at a conference.

Contact network and logistics

When the company has chosen the perfect speaker proposed by the speaker agency, the agency is responsible for contacting the expert, handling all the negotiations and the logistics.

Getting in touch with influential personalities is not easy to do and the negotiation can sometimes be very challenging. Collaborating with a speaker agency guarantees you will be able to contact the expert quickly, as they have an extensive network of direct contacts of the best speakers from around the world. By working regularly with these speakers, they know their rates and their conditions, and they can quickly check their availability.

Another key point is logistics. Not only should the audience be happy at an event but also the speaker. Preparing the logistics of a large conference is often a lot more complex than expected. There are many details to be arranged when you hire high-demand speakers. Not only the contract, but also transportation, accommodation and meals. Speaker agencies have extensive experience in this area and know exactly how to efficiently handle the logistics, so the client does not need waste their time unnecessarily with these kind of things and they can focus on the organization of the event.

Comprehensive follow up

At Thinking Heads, we work closely with the event organizer throughout the whole process, from start to finish. After finding out the exact needs of a client, the skilled consultancy team will work on a personalized proposal with the speaker profiles that will precisely fit the topic, budget and audience. Once the speaker has accepted the offer, our team will then oversee the logistics.

Having the right speaker deliver the main speech at any event is the key to having a successful event and collaborating with a speaker agency, allows you to focus on other details while you let the experts at Thinking Heads ensure the quality of the speaker and their presentation.

Working with a Speaker Agency: A winning option for your next event