Lisbon is hosting an international event on 11th of April, “Growth Forum 2019 – Portugal as a catalyst for international development”, organized by the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In the current setting, Portugal has enough competences and strengths to consolidate its position as a mediator and facilitator of consensus around international decision-making. Growth Forum emerges against this backdrop, designed as a high-level international event aimed at becoming a platform that allows all the important players on the global stage to connect.

Leaders of Thinking Heads (event partner), such asDuncan Wardle (Vice President for innovation and creativity at Walt Disney); Bruno Bobone (Chairman of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry); Daniel David (CEO of DHD Holding, of the SOICO Group and founder of MOZEFO); Paulo Portas (Deputy Chair of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and Ian McCluskey (Managing Director of Thinking Heads Americas) are some of the speakers at the event, along with other international figures like Ibero-American Secretary General, Rebeca Grynspan.

Growth Forum Thinking Heads

The main issues to be discussed include the challenges of competing in the current global economy; the role of creativity and innovation; the importance of creating global brands and strategic geographic zones for Portuguese business.

This forum marks a great opportunity for networking, in which the leading players will include some of today’s top business and political leaders and important international figures.

Further information about the event here.