The Second Ibero-American Summit for Strategic Communication—CIBECOM—which will take place on May 8, 9 and 10 in Madrid, will feature Thinking Heads as a content partner. CIBECOM is an initiative of Fundacom, the platform that brings together associations of communication managers in Spanish and Portuguese.

The CIBECOM initiative, which is being held biennially, is the world’s largest summit in the communication sector and the reference event for Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking managers in this sector. This is a “can’t-miss” event framed in the context of cultural diversity, and a unique opportunity to meet senior communication executives. The past edition—held in Miami—brought together more than 250 professionals.

This second edition will focus on three pillars to reinvent relationships with people under the slogan “Technology, emotion and adaptation: the foundations of a new world”.

Content partners

Several Thinking Heads leaders will be present, sharing their knowledge on diverse subjects that will be addressed at the conference. Among these topics, the summit will address matters ranging from artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, smart cities, brand emotional value, sports, customer excellence, diversity, social change, compliance and political issues, among others.

The study by EUPRERA entitled Latin American Communication Monitor 2018-19 will be presented for the first time at the CIBECOM event. In addition, the reputation of the country brand in Latin America will be discussed during a debate that will include the leading representatives in reputation research: Fernando Prado, regional president for Latin America of the Reputation Institute; and Manuel Sevillano, general director of MERCO. An Impulse Committee has been created for the event; participating organizations include the Ibero-American Secretariat General and the Ibero-American Business Council. Some of the conferences that will take place during the conference are:



The digital future: where we are coming from, where we are going

What will artificial intelligence replace for the communicator

The voice and virtual assistants: the next level of experience

Digital threats: cybersecurity and the Dark Web



Emotion as a strategy

Communicating emotion

Sport as a transmitter of values



How to generate social change in the general public

Communication and customer experience: an inevitable fusion

Compliance in communication: a growing challenge

From start up to unicorn and beyond: managing growth


Panel discussions:

Smart cities and digital public administration

Integration of algorithms, blockchain, smart data and bots in the organization’s communication

The balance between emotion and reason

Sports as a transmitter of values

Diversity and inclusion: the priority on the CEOs’ agendas

Critical issues: migration policies, corruption and harassment

Monique Morrow, among the 50 most important women in technology