Thinking Heads business transformation process continues and our international presence is expanding in Latin America, thanks to the strategic alliance with the Mexican public affairs consultant De la Calle, Madrazo, Mancera (CMM). We decided to join in a common project for Latin America; to guide global leaders and help them with challenges that they might have in the Latin American Region.

The formalization of this alliance took place at a launch event at the Industrial Club of Mexico City on Monday, October 8, with the participation of representatives from academia, business, and civil society.

A common project for Latin America

This alliance represents for us much more than a union between companies since it fulfills our mission to bring the knowledge of main global leaders to the world. This alliance will be a series of high-level events that will be organized to exchange ideas of experts to understand the changes in society and, above all, to make visible the importance of Latin America in the world.

Rebeca Grynspan, General Iberoamerican Secretary and one of the most recognized Latin American leaders, inaugurated this event that signified the start of the alliance between Thinking Heads and CMM.

This strategic alliance between CMM and Thinking Heads will facilitate the necessary scenarios to face challenges through knowledge, experience and strategic positioning of global leaders.

CMM and Thinking Heads and the future vision of its founders have made this strategic alliance possible

“Mexico and the world are going through a period of time that requires serious and profound reflection to search for solutions to the main challenges of contemporary society: respect to the legal framework, equity, and well-being. CMM and Thinking Heads seek to create spaces of thought for this debate, and search actions and participation from all sectors” said Julio Madrazo, partner of CMM.