An empowered and educated youth would have the possibility of helping communities to transform themselves in a positive and sustainable way. This is why for Thinking Heads it would be an honor to help future leaders in this huge endeavor: to work towards a more fair society in which the citizens have access to an education, to a healthcare system and also to cover the basic needs in order to live and prosper.

Therefore, we announce that we are sponsoring Mr. Alusine Barrie in order to help him pursuing his studies of the BSc. in Development and Economics at the London School of Economics during the present year, and also coach him in the process with the Thinking Heads methodology and expertise in order to help him to achieve his goals as transformational leader.

“This is the first time Thinking Heads participates in a sponsorship program of this kind and we look forward to encouraging and helping Alusine to become a top young leader of tomorrow”, said Daniel Romero-Abreu, Founder and CEO of Thinking Heads.

Alusine Barrie is a second year student from Sierra Leone at LSE that has started a crowdfunding campaign in order to support the tuition and general costs of the program. He is passionate about developing youth leadership, so he started a blog where he writes about youth leadership, education and economic development issues. He is also a president of the Alumni Association of his former school and collaborates in bringing information and training to schools and teachers in Sierra Leone:

“My country is among the poorest in the world, but through my studies I am learning a lot about development and economic challenges in countries across the world and about solutions that have worked in the past and elsewhere to tackle these complex challenges. I envision a world free of poverty in which everyone is empowered to achieve their highest potential, and hope that I can apply these concepts and possible solutions I am learning of now, to help my country and my people move forward into a better and more just society. Completing my study offers me a strong foundation for making all this possible.”