Miami is a connecting bridge between the United States and Latin America, due to its perfect geographical conditions. This multicultural city is being transformed into the center of reference by many entrepreneurs and startups. The improvements on infrastructure, transportation and travel connections (with direct flights between Europe and Latin America), its own growing artistic scene and everyday commerce exchange between Latin America has made Miami one the most important geographic points in the world.

In addition to the well-known year-round warm weather, beach and shopping tourism Miami has a huge offer for new business which means that is one of the main destinations for entrepreneurs in the whole world, especially for Americans and Latin Americans due to their high investments and executives presence.

Miami is being transformed into a meeting point for international executives, innovative revolutionary concepts and new exchange platforms are born like eMerge.

eMerge, the premier technology event connecting North America, Latin America and Europe.

In this high rising scene for new business, eMerge is one of the most important events that focus on technology and entrepreneurship in Latin America and top event in Miami.eMerge Americas offers a great agenda with the most international prominent speakers, this conferences focus on the main innovative topics and trends that are coming ahead. This event gives atendees an opportunity for Company recognition and also for networking.

eMerge connects Latin America, North America and Europe through people ideas and innovation. This event brings together the brightest minds to discuss about the digital revolution that we are now living and the huge impact that affects companies and society. Is a unique opportunity for business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to learn about new and creative technologies.

Thinking Heads, eMerge Diamond Sponsor

Thinking Heads was the main content provider for eMerge In 2017 edition and this year is becoming the 2018 Diamond Sponsor, Thinking Heads will bring the best speakers that are experts in digital economy, digital society and business digitalization. Thinking Heads goes one step forward in internationalization with this event.

Next 2018 eMerge edition will be held on April 23rd – 24th

at Miami Beach Convenction Center.

Thinking Heads Speakers featured by eMerge

vicente fox
Vicente Fox

jackie hyland
Jackie Hyland

sophia the ai robot
Shopia The AI Robot

adriana machado
Adriana Machado