It is now a reality. The coronavirus and the confinement measures implemented are creating a big disruption in the business activity, which is not forgiving with the event and conference sector Since the cancelling of the Mobile World Congress (which now seems far and isolated) until the recent statement by the International Olympic Committee communicating the definitive postponement of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, events of all types have been put off one after the other.

The evolution of events is being closely followed in an attempt to anticipate the prospects of reactivation of the celebration of events in their various formats. The value of speakers is sharing ideas, and the challenge of event-organization companies is transforming them into the format which this new scenario demands, maintaining their commitment of providing their clients with valuable content.

In the first weeks of containment, uncertainty prevailed, and we observed how the decision by most event organizers was postponing scheduled events until the second half of the year. However, they did not rule out the scenario in which containment measures became stricter globally, this causing the industry to slow down even more. And indeed it did. Particularly the event sector, like tourism and transportation, is suffering greatly from the impact of the health alert wit 15% of events postponed in the first stage of containment, almost a 100% in March and April, 50% in May and starting in June between 30% and 40%. The industry finds itself postponed; the good news are that very few cancellations are estimated. In addition, it is expected that the events postponed due to the COVID-19 will be held in the last four months of 2020.

Thus, we expect a very dynamic last quarter concerning event celebration. In the meantime, new possibilities are arising, reminding us that fortunately, the world of ideas knows no limits and thus we should be optimistic regarding the future of the industry. The present moment helps us remember that knowledge is the best antidote against uncertainty and that many lessons can be learned from this crisis, which will help us grow as individuals, as a society and as an industry.

Naturally, this situation will generate several disruptions in the individual, collective, business, economic and political spheres among others. Bringing the ideas of the leaders we work with to the market was necessary yesterday, it is more than ever today, and will be perceived as greatly valuable in the future.

It is undeniable that this is the right moment for companies to strengthen their trams, nourishing them with the best knowledge and ideas. Fortunately, there are softwares such as webinars which allow for the interaction of speakers and attendees and promote live participation.

At Thinking Heads we have initiated the innovation with have been working with for some time now, which ensures that we keep on setting the pace as industry leaders and as the biggest hub in the market. Some time ago we launched an audiovisual content platform to reinforce the dissemination of the ideas of the speakers whom we work with, employing multimedia formats with 4 to 5 min long conferences at the forefront. Today, we are adapting to this new scenario spreading the best knowledge and making it possible for companies to connect with current leaders through streaming. We have recently launched a webinar program taught by experts in various field. We will be sharing, on a weekly basis, knowledge from some of the experts in our network with the aim of disseminating and explaining current issues. The economist, author and holder of a chair in Financial Reality Thinking Heads– Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, José Carlos Díez, has been our first guest. In his online talk, he analyzed the latest decisions made by the Spanish government and how businesses can face the challenges caused by the effects of coronavirus in the economy you may read the full article here.

We will shortly listen to other statements by Sebastián Álvaro, creator of Al filo de lo impossible, who will provide the necessary motivational keys to resist and win in times of crisis, Julio de la Iglesia, TEDAX and executive coach, will share with us the keys for a “brave leadership” and “comando” teams, Úrsula Calvo, expert in Mindfulness and Self-awareness for transformation, will show us how to take back the power we had handed over to external events, or Álvaro Vizcaíno, expert in self-improvement, survival and critical decision-making, will focus his talk on how to deal with our fears through his experience of survival and shipwreck in 2014, among others. We will also be having international speakers such as the former president of the Central Bank of Argentina (2004-2010) Martín Redrado, who will explain how to manage our businesses in times of crisis, rethink our priorities and analyze the economic impact of the crisis in Latin America and the behavioral heterogeneity in different economic sectors. Each week we will be announcing new webinars on our web and our other media.

In the past few weeks the organization of this type of online events has intensified. Maybe because its format allows us to adapt to this new reality and, at the same time, be consistent, committed and responsible following the guidelines issued by the health experts. We see today how this type of initiatives allow for knowledge to have no barriers and for the best ideas to understand the world around us to spread despite the uncertainty.