What are digital micro-conferences?

Digital micro-conferences are video clips that are typically 4-6 minutes long in which ideas related to the business world are presented and explained.


Why are the clips so short?

Micro-conferences are content specifically created for online viewing, therefore their length and structure have been designed to maintain the attention of online users.


How is the content for my company chosen?

When the service is included in our clients’ web environments, the content is chosen based on the topics and approaches that they want to emphasize in their projects, mixing content from the catalog with new, tailor-made recordings.

Can we suggest speakers, such as our company CEO?

If you subscribe to the service you will be able to suggest talks with top executives from large companies or your company, in which they speak about topics within their areas of expertise. These micro-conferences follow the same format as the others but in the production process, content aimed exclusively at the personnel of the executive’s company can be added, and this would be the version published in the organization’s platform.


Can the content and the various channels be adapted to certain areas or values? Yes. Thinking Heads will assess your situation and help you to group the various micro-conferences in order to match them to your particular aims. It is also possible to produce new, ad hoc micro-conferences dealing with other fields not covered in the catalog.


How many times can I watch a micro-conference?

As many as you like. A license for use allows unlimited access to all the videos on the platform.


What user profile is this service aimed at?

This service has been created and designed for top and middle management, team leaders, influential young people, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, university students and in general, all users with an interest in the business world.


Who are the speakers that create the micro-conferences?

Experts and important figures in a variety of areas, many of whom regularly work with Thinking Heads giving talks in person. Our speakers include CEOs and former CEOs of large companies, top executives, renowned university and business school professors, former heads of state, philosophers and sportspeople. You can find a list by clicking on the ‘Speakers’ tab.


How do I communicate this initiative internally to my employees?

We provide assistance to boost the service (designing a strategy for including the new micro-conferences, helping to prepare emailings to inform people about what’s new, as well as organizing new, ad hoc recordings with topics and/or speakers of interest to each company client, etc.) All this is aimed at ensuring that as many users as possible access the service.