Are you organizing an event? Have you planned out the room, technology, and attendees? Great! But what about content

There’s an old saying in the candy industry that to be popular with consumers, the wrapper is just as important as taste and quality as the candy inside. The customer should have positive associations and want to buy them again. 

It’s the same with events, since ultimately their purpose is to impact and convince the audience to whom they’re directed

Speakers bureaus exist to help make that happen. Such agencies are an excellent resource when it comes time to finding qualified presenters and speakers. Their role is comprehensive and goes far beyond serving as a simple intermediary. 

Let’s talk a look at what they are and how they can be advantageous to work with. 

What does a speakers bureau do?

People responsible for event planning in the business sector are well aware of how difficult it can be to find the right keynote speaker to inspire their audience. 

A speakers bureau like Thinking Heads makes your job easier. They’ll consider your company’s needs, the message that you want to get across, and provide the very best speaker to meet your needs.  

But that’s not all. Thanks to direct connections with the leaders in different sectors, Thinking Heads offers you competitive rates, draws up the contract, and takes care of the speaker’s travel and accommodation details if required. An “all in one” service so that your event achieves your objectives

6 advantages to hiring a speakers bureau

Companies use speakers bureaus when they need advice and want to take advantage of the wide range of services offered. But what are some of the specific advantages of a speakers bureau versus hiring a speaker directly?

  •  Guaranteed quality 

Agencies only accept speakers that meet their high-quality standards. Years in the sector and a special instinct to select the right speakers for a client are crucial. 

A good speakers bureau will know how to listen and will practice one of the most important values in this business: empathy. Speakers bureaus focus on the client and put themselves in his or her shoes, making them a critical partner and not just a middleman. 

Are you looking for a chef who inspires leadership? A world-class businessperson? An athlete that broke records and learned from his or her failures? Or perhaps a political figure who had to make historical decisions while in power?

The best speakers bureaus will work with a wide selection of speakers and find the perfect fit for your event. You only have to describe what you need and in a few hours you’ll have a complete document with the best options and estimates in hand.

  •  Minimized risk 

What would happen if a speaker unexpectedly ran late? We don’t expect that to happen, but if an unwelcome twist of fate occurs, a specialized speakers bureau will be able to react.  

You will always be offered a suitable alternative and your satisfaction and that of your company is paramount. The agency’s reputation is on the line and they will find an adequate solution to the problem. 

That said, keep in mind that just as all companies aren’t equal, neither are all speakers bureaus. Go for one that can demonstrate verifiable experience beyond a simple list of rates. 

  •  Logistical experience

There’s a lot to consider when planning an event, including technical logistics, which are often one of the most delicate links in the planning chain. 

Speakers bureaus are familiar with what a particular a presenter needs right down to the last detail and will give you important information related to their presentations, like the chosen format, image and sound, and even the amount of space they require to give your audience their best performance.

  • Meetings beforehand

It’s not always easy to manage the busy schedule of a certain level of speaker. The demands on their time and multiple commitments are sometimes a barrier to scheduling a prep meeting to go over the smooth running of the event. 

But a speakers bureau will commit to squaring calendars to ensure a prior meeting with the speaker takes place, at which time you’ll be able to discuss your goals directly with the speaker and the kind of audience you expect, and discuss the right structure for their presentation together. 

  • Save time

You can avoid spending hours of your valuable time and also be assured of getting the best results when you leave the task of selecting a speaker, negotiating, and preparing contracts in the hands of professionals. 

In conclusion, there are more than enough reasons to rely on a speakers bureau when planning your next event. Whether it’s a workshop, seminar, conference, or training, you want it to be unique and impactful. Let those with experience advise you and guarantee success. 


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