Thinking Heads, the first consulting firm specialized in leadership positioning and Caliber, an innovative platform for measuring corporate brand & reputation in real time, are joining forces to revolutionize corporate reputation management, based on new tools and approaches that vastly improve decision-making.

The alliance between Caliber and Thinking Heads to work in Spain, Portugal, France and parts of Latin America and the United Kingdom will focus on their common interests in measuring brand & reputation in real time to identify the impacts of events and activities on relevant audiences, and allow for great integration of metrics across marketing and communication continuous data flows.

Thinking Heads uses a unique methodology to accompany leaders in achieving their reputation and influence objectives, including and creating a series of metrics for the correct monitoring of the impact of established action plans. “This alliance with Caliber complements both our Thinking Heads methodology for positioning leaders, and our Leaders with Purpose Positioning Model which identifies up to 30% more effective reputation impact when it is aligned with corporate purpose,” said Enrique Johnson, Managing Director of Thinking Heads.

Likewise, Caliber’s platform measures continuously and in real time the reputation of companies, based on the Trust & Like Score, backed by a tested research model that measures the balance between rational, attitudinal and emotional perceptions of stakeholders, and how they translate to proactive behaviors that affect companies’ comercial results. “Caliber Real-Time Tracker is the first platform designed specifically for corporate communication leaders by giving them real-time reputation metrics that are representative and accurate since they’re based on daily surveys of all relevant stakeholders”, says Shahar Silbershatz, Caliber’s CEO. “Those metrics are used to identify the impact of internal activities and external events, thereby informing decisions that optimize the operations of the communication departments, manage reputation risk and improve business results through greater stakeholder preference and loyalty.”

Thus, Thinking Heads and Caliber combine their knowledge and expertise with the objective of providing companies with a unique system for measuring specific aspects of reputation through a standardized Brand & Reputation methodology that allows international comparisons with any company in any sector, with the added flexibility that allows the addition of specific questions chosen by the client. The model makes it possible to monitor the impact of specific events, such as: a communication advertisement, product launches, mergers or acquisitions, communication crisis, etc. The model is adaptable to any company, being able to add questions to the studies being monitored. The adaptability is also reflected in the format in which companies can obtain the results of their reputation studies, allowing them to have an exclusive portal. “We understand this tool as a helpful complement to make the use of reputation data more concrete, for example it can be analyzed in relation to the customer’s points of contact,” adds the general manager of Thinking Heads, Johnson.

Most recently, the consulting firm specialized in positioning leaders, including companies from different sectors, has been working on a scientifically approved metric that reflects how the purpose is impacting on the reputation of the CEOs and this in turn, on the reputation of the companies. For this reason, the consultancy has developed a Leaders with Purpose Positioning Model, through which it identifies which are the main reputation levers of the leader with purpose that in turn activate the reputation of their organizations. “When talking about reputation and purpose, we asked ourselves why there was no metric that reflected how purpose is impacting the reputation of the CEO and this in turn is impacting the reputation of the company,” says Johnson. He continues: “We have empirical evidence that by aligning corporate purpose with the reputation of the leader, we generate up to 30% better levers for managing the company’s reputation.