Motivation refers to both internal and external forces that act on an individual to activate, sustain, or direct his or her behavior. Although not the only tool, motivation can be very useful to lead us to success, as it is directly related to productivity. In a company, keeping employees motivated, as well as managers and even the audience or wider public is crucial to achieve corporate objectives. This motivation is key to our personal and work development, since without motivation, the actions to be carried out can be perceived as slow, difficult and even unsustainable.

Therefore, it is highly desirable for companies to integrate motivation and leadership programs into their human resources initiatives. The ability to motivate goes hand in hand with the ability to be a good speaker, conveying ideas effectively.

Speakers as a key tool to boost motivation

An effective way to activate the motivation of a group is through a conference, one of the most successful tools in corporate training and motivation. Below, we highlight some of the most representative international motivational speakers:

  • Sebastián Álvaro, journalist and creator of Al Filo de lo Imposible, considered one of the great Spanish adventurers. In his conferences he talks about teamwork, overcoming challenges, leadership and risk management.

  • Elsa Punset, benchmark writer and philosopher, owes the success of her lectures to the balance between her brilliant academic career and her ability to connect with the public, without forgetting the practical orientation of her talks.

  • Chris Gardner, one of the most dynamic and active speakers on success and motivation. Few biographical stories are as motivational as his, having inspired the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness“, starring Will Smith.

  • Karla Wheelock, a Mexican social entrepreneur, consultant and mountaineer, dedicates her professional life to linking the world of high-performance sports with that of business, through recruitment, motivation and leadership development.

  • Chris Hadfield, astronaut and the first Canadian commander of the international space station. He is an expert on how to deal with pressure and how to cope with situations of danger and fear.

Being motivated is crucial to achieve our goals and be able to succeed both on a corporate and personal level. Considering that motivating a group is not an easy task, we must find “the right fit”, someone who’s capable of captivating our employees or managers, a good speaker who knows how to stimulate productivity and collective action. The most motivational speeches in human history have been given by relevant figures belonging to different disciplines but with something in common: the ability to inspire thousands of people with words alone.