NBA legend, Pau Gasol, will bring together a unique cast of experts at Pl4nets Wellbeing Summit, an online event dedicated to the well-being and healthy habits of the entire population. Through his foundation, the Gasol Foundation, and with the support of Thinking Heads, Pl4nets will bring together sports stars like Fernando Alonso and Ona Carbonell.

Other sports personalities such as Angela Ruggiero will also participate in Pl4nets; health professionals like Dr. Valentín Fuster and NBA Players Association mental health program director William Parham; healthy habits influencers like Cristina Mitre and Marcos Vázquez; experts in gastronomy like Joan Roca and Mikel Iturriaga (also known as “El comidista”); authors like Ryan Holiday, coaches like Sanyin Siang, nutritionists like Aitor Sánchez (with books such as “Mi dieta cojea”) and many others.

Helping the disadvantaged

The purpose of Pl4nets is to raise funds for the projects which promote the healthy habits of the Gasol Foundation, especially those aimed at the most disadvantaged families, who have been particularly affected by the pandemic and lockdown. In addition, Summit attendees will be able to experience an improvement in their own well-being thanks to the quality information provided by the event’s expert lineup.


4 days, 4 planets

The programming of Pl4nets will focus on four basic pillars of healthy habits, four “planets”: healthy diet, physical exercise, emotional well-being and rest.

Day 1, healthy diet: It will feature nutritionists and food experts such as chef Joan Roca, journalist Mikel López Iturriaga (also known as “El comidista”), nutritionist Aitor Sánchez (author of the book “Mi dieta cojea”).

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Day 2, physical exercise: you will hear from well-known athletes, physical trainers and other professionals who will give their views on the importance of staying active. None other than Fernando Alonso, plus the journalist and author Cristina Mitre, Marcos Vázquez (author of “Fitness Revolucionario”) and Harvard professor Anita Elberse.

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Day 3, emotional well-being: presented by Ona Carbonell, she will focus on one of the most relevant pillars of these last months. You will learn tools with which to maintain a necessary emotional balance from the insights of the recognized expert author in stoicism Ryan Holiday, the psychologist Patricia Ramirez, the expert in managment of fear Julio de la Iglesia, the coach Sanyin Siang and the NBA’s psychologist William Parham.

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Day 4, rest: Mariano Sigman, one of the most outstanding neuroscientists in the world, Claudia Reardon, doctor member of the IOC’s mental health working group, Olympian Angela Ruggiero, and the human rights activist Caryl Ster will also participate.

Pl4nets: when does it take place and how can you participate

The summit will be entirely online and will be held from July 20th to 23rd, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm (Madrid time), from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm (Miami time).

From today you can join the benefit summit, personally or through your company:

For Individuals: buy your ticket with a minimum donation of 10€ and collaborate to help the disadvantaged, while at the same time you can learn from leading sports icons and the great professionals around them.


For Companies: we know for many organization that participating is very important, that’s why we have put together different partnership options with which will enable you to contribute to society through this summit which will have worldwide reach and huge media visibility,  by not only helping the disadvantaged but also improving the lives of those who have suffered most from this pandemic.

Contact us and we will help you to find the model that best suits your organization