Kelly Vero, Futurist, Game Developer, and Architect of the Metaverse, has joined Thinking Heads’ exclusive speaker network in the field of Future and New Technologies.

Kelly Vero is the Chief Metaverse Officer of Aequaland and she has more than 30 years of experience in the Gaming and Technology Industry, and she is acknowledged worldwide as one of the most sought-after experts on the Metaverse and other cutting-edge technologies, such as Virtual Reality and Gamification.


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Kelly Vero’s signing as Thinking Heads’ new exclusive speaker reinforces our commitment to provide the meetings and events professionals with the world’s most influential keynote speakers and thought leaders:

“The addition of Kelly Vero as an exclusive Thinking Heads’ speaker reinforces our commitment to helping outstanding global leaders manage their careers as speakers, while ensuring that we continue to focus on the trending topics that help us understand the complexity of the world we live in”, says  Iván Abanades, Partner and Global Speakers & Conferences Director at Thinking Heads.

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Since her early days at MTV, Kelly Vero has been strongly influenced by Pop Culture, her desire to follow the evolution of the digital consumer generations and her interest in future trend spotting.

Her outstanding experience and passion for Gamification, Storytelling, and Virtual Entertainment has led her to consult for high-profile organizations and industry leaders, such as the European Commission, Swiss Arts Council (Pro Helvetia), and Confetti Media Group, amongst many others.

She has had a career in game development for some of the world’s most famous franchises and has created a number of very successful AAA video games with mass-market appeal for both adults and children, and amongst other highlights she created and refined the characters in the Transformers Continuous Universe game.

In addition to her contribution to the Mass Entertainment industry, Kelly Vero also stands out for her ability to link Technology to Humankind, and she has always been fascinated by the possibilities of technology where humans can interact with everything from robots and autonomous vehicles to fashion items, wearables, and gastronomy, amongst a host of other things.

Kelly Vero is currently an independent consultant, as well as Chief Metaverse Officer of  Aequaland, an inclusive & fun educational platform for kids aimed at promoting self-discovery and fostering emotional intelligence.

Kelly Vero defines the Metaverse as a persistent online space that exists to deliver content and technology from any industry in meaningful ways.

As a speaker, her goal is to show audiences the world of tomorrow, today, highlighting the paradigms that arise in today’s virtual landscape. Kelly Vero focuses on the links between the physical and the virtual realms, helping business leaders navigate the world of Web 3.0 easily, from Digital Fashion to AI Commerce, and everything in between.

Moreover, her Digital Leadership is a result of her passion for pushing technology to the limit through Education, Sustainability, and Social Impact, which makes her a must-have speaker for any meeting planner who seeks to inspire their audiences to create a better future through virtual spaces.