At Thinking Heads we continue our internationalization process thanks to our business alliance with the innovation consulting firm Big Brands, which will bring global ideas closer to the challenges of Bolivia.

Big Brands has more than 20 years of experience managing successful brands, and a deep knowledge of the Bolivian market. Its founder and CEO, Alejandra Durán, who is leading this partnership, has worked for 18 years developing and connecting brands and their audiences. A brand strategist and specialist in branding and public relations, Alejandra Durán will represent Thinking Heads in Bolivia.

“Throughout our experience managing successful brands, we have achieved a strong knowledge of the Bolivian market, its insights, lifestyle, consumer habits and a very broad network of contacts that generates very favorable scenarios guaranteeing that our brands are truly great brands,” said Alejandra Durán, who is celebrating this alliance that will allow a greater connection of the region with the world of ideas.

International Expansion 

At Thinking Heads we continue to consolidate our international expansion, strengthening our global presence through several strategic centers. This expansion, which began in the Americas with the opening of our Miami office in 2014, was followed in 2017 by our headquarters in Seoul as the base of operations for Asia and the Middle East, after which we would have multiple delegations and representatives in various countries of the Americas.