At Thinking Heads, we are committed to female leadership and women’s visibility in society. That is why we are proud to announce our association with Inspiring Girls Foundation, with whom we’ll be working jointly with the main goal of increasing the ambition and confidence of school-age girls as well as their job expectations, making the wide variety of jobs and professional careers more visible and overcoming limitations and stereotypes.

With this association we both pursue a change in the attitude of girls towards their professional careers. “We don’t want girls to be limited by the fact of being a woman if they have put in the work and the effort”, said Marta Pérez Dorao, president of Inspiring Girls. To achieve this, important women from Thinking Heads’ network of speakers will take part in events, clubs and workshops organized by Inspiring Girls to inspire young women.


As Marta Pérez stated, “uniting efforts with Thinking Heads, with whom we share many values, is greatly relevant for the accomplishment of our goal of showing girls the diverse professional opportunities they can access, through the example of their speakers. Every woman has a story to tell that can be work as an example for young girls”.

Moreover, Daniel Romero-Abreu, president and founder of Thinking Heads added: “due to our strong compromise to the promotion of women leadership, it represents an enormous privilege to contribute to this necessary initiative by proposing our renowned speakers to transfer their knowledge to the leaders of tomorrow and to help them open new paths in their career possibilities in the future”.

The association is the just starting point for new opportunities to create events and projects that can help young women.