The importance of a good reputation and its management in the business world has gained relevance in recent years, hand in hand with initiatives such as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) one or environmental and social sustainability. The CEO’s reputation must be consistent with that of the company, so analyzing the perception of managers and how it impacts the company is key to assess the reputation of our business, manage it and make decisions according to our needs.

However, if we do not correctly define the channels through which to take action, we may be making a wasted effort. What are the most decisive channels when it comes to building reputation? How do different channels affect the creation of perceptions by customers and the general public? In the latest Thinking Heads study, Assessing the Reputation of Purpose-Driven CEOs: a detailed analysis of IBEX 35 executives, we analyze the different channels and how they affect reputation in the case of IBEX 35 leaders.

What we have analyzed

Six different communication channels were considered for this study: the general press, specialized media, events and conferences, social media in general, and the impact of conversations in the personal environment. Respondents could choose all the channels through which they were informed about the reputation of CEOs and executives.

Impact and reach of different channels

The main channel used as a source of information continues to be the generalized media, with more than 61% of respondents, followed by the specialized press (35%) and social media (31.7%). These data are repeated in the banking and energy sectors.

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In the case of the banking sector, the press has little impact on reputation, while for the energy sector, events and conferences have the greatest impact of all those analyzed.

However, this analysis has also determined that the reach of channels is not directly related to the impact they have on perceptions. On average, people who see a leader/CEO at an event or conference have a better opinion of them (8.5 RLP points), while the impact of the press is very low, at only 3.7 RLP points.

What to do with this information?

Events and conferences seem to be a good space for enhancing CEO reputation. However, it should be noted that the analysis should be customized, as the impact may vary according to the leader. This is what happens with appearances on specialized media, which show a very wide range of impact, ranging from -14.9 RLP points to 14.7 RLP points, depending on each IBEX 35 leader.

As we have analyzed in our study, in general the reputation of IBEX 35 executives is within the parameters of what we would consider acceptable, close to a good reputation. This can be a determining factor for the perception of their companies, which is why they must take the value provided by their most representative figure very seriously. To do this, it is necessary to have quality data, to remove intuition from the decision-making process and to be able to carry out the most appropriate actions in each case.

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