Knowledge as the antidote against uncertainty

It is now a reality. The coronavirus and the confinement measures implemented are creating a big disruption in the business activity, which is not forgiving with the event and conference sector Since the cancelling of the Mobile World Congress (which n

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Famous orators: what can they teach us?

From ancient Greece to today, there are many famous orators to learn about and appreciate. From Pericles to Al Gore, all of these figures stand out thanks to their facility with language, the quality of their speeches, and their ability to influence ot

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Finding elite leaders in sport

Leadership is a fundamental part of the sports world, especially in a team environment. Over the past 25 years, important research has explored the role of the coach in this context. And yet, the team represents just one area in the field of sports in

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Thinking Heads collaborates with future leaders of developing countries

An empowered and educated youth would have the possibility of helping communities to transform themselves in a positive and sustainable way. This is why for Thinking Heads it would be an honor to help future leaders in this huge endeavor: to work towar

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