In 2003, a new speakers bureau called Thinking Heads was born. It soon became the biggest amplifier of thought leadership from subject matter experts in a wide range of issues all around the world.

As it consolidated its position in the ideas and conferences market, it also strengthened its portfolio of services to include digital positioning, global trends research, consulting, video microlectures and a literary agency. Along the way, there was geographic growth as well, to better serve clients in the Americas and Asia.

Geographic expansion began with the opening of a Miami office to serve the U.S. and Latin American markets, continued in 2017 with a new Seoul-based Asian branch, and, most recently, a delegation in Washington, DC, to serve international institutions. In 2017, Thinking Heads also advised on international development for Mozefo Young Leaders, the Mozefo Forum’s platform for dialogue and debate.

Through business, digital and talent transformations, Thinking Heads strengthened its focus on technology and incorporated new professionals with a wide range of experiences as part of its commitment to a diverse and multicultural team.

Today, it is the first consulting firm specializing in leader positioning and the No. 1 speakers bureau in the Spanish-speaking market, with a team of more than 70 people around the globe and projects in more than 45 countries. It has also advised more than 5,000 thought leaders, 85 of them exclusively, making a total of 10,000 public appearances.


This journey has taken Thinking Heads around the world and made it a player in events of the highest caliber, including EnlightED, eMerge Americas, South Summit, EXMA, and Brilliant Minds, to name but a few. It has seen the company advise global figures such as Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Laura Chinchilla, Vicente Fox, Steve Wozniak, Tim Berners-Lee and Jimmy Wales, among others.

The company offers a comprehensive and global array of services, with a unique vision that brings knowledge, ideas and values together for the benefit of society.

Today, as it celebrates its 15th anniversary, this global brand is at the top of its game, with 15 years of work and commitment.

We are Thinking Heads, the home of thought leaders.